Don’t Forget These Important Aspects to Choosing a Fence in Queensland

Candice ParlaneAdvice

Fences provide homeowners and commercial properties alike with privacy, reduce noise from neighbours and the street, provide an enclosure for pets, and can give your property street appeal.

Besides the usual considerations like budget, style, and material, you want to ensure that the fence you choose is right for your geographical location and lifestyle.

When choosing a fence for your home, take the time to consider the function of your fence before requesting a quote.

With over ten years of experience installing fences in Queensland, we have found that many customers will often fail to consider the following functional aspects.

Type of land that requires fencing and the impacts of weather

Is your property in an area where you experience strong wind, is it surrounded by vacant land, or high on a hill where there is little to break the impacts of a storm? If your property is impacted by weather regularly, then we recommend not choosing a Colorbond fence. Colorbond fence panels are assembled slotting sheets of steel between steel posts and rails. Often during a strong wind or storm event, Colorbond panels are blown out or damaged. Panels can be costly to replace and difficult to reinstall.

Does your property have little shade? Is your fence close to your patio or verandah? Colorbond fences are made from steel which heats up quickly, making them perfect reflectors. Summertime in Queensland can often get up over 50 degrees in direct sunlight. When installed in close proximity to a house heat often reflects off the Colorbond fence straight into a bedroom window, verandah, or patio making it unenjoyable for all. If you have small children or animals they run the risk of burning themselves on the steel.

Noise reduction

For optimal acoustic fencing, you’d want to lean more towards modular walls, solid materials such as brick, or “good neighbour” timber fencing of which tend to be better at absorbing sound.

Some fencing materials are better at providing soundproofing than others. If you’re building a fence mainly for privacy, this is an important advantage to keep in mind when selecting your fence.

Your lifestyle - large dogs, animals or young children

Large animals often dent and damage Colorbond fence panels. Although a solid fence like Colorbond does help with deterring some animals from wanting to attack whatever it is on the other, like another dog. Large breeds will often jump up against a Colorbond fence panel with such force that they cause damage to them.

Hardwood fences, although expensive, do last the longest of any timber fence. However, Hardwood fence splinters are the worst! Unlike treated pine, if not removed promptly, they almost always cause infection and can be difficult to remove from the skin or a paw.

Durability and maintenance

Some fencing materials may look great but might not have the long lifespan you’re after. This might also mean that they require more maintenance and upkeep on your part – and if you’re after a one-time fencing solution, that’s exactly what you don’t want!

When considering the different types of fences available, you should keep their longevity in mind. Will your chosen material withstand all types of weather and last years without maintenance? Or will it possibly need regular upkeep – and are you willing to carry this out yourself?

These are all important questions you should ask when considering the advantages and drawbacks of particular fence types.

Timber fences whether Treated Pine or Hardwood require regular maintenance. To maintain the aesthetic and the life of the wood, it is recommended that you stain or paint a timber fence every 2-3 years. This is in addition to replacing any palings or rails that show any sign of rot.

Low maintenance fence options include Colorbond, Chainlink, or Tubular Steel Security fencing.

Aesthetic appearance

Not all fences are the same. Some fences are very aesthetically impressive, and others are plainer; remember that a fence should be both functional and pleasing to the eye as they do have the potential to add value to the resale of your property. So if you are unsure of which solution will fit your desired outcome, lifestyle or budget contact Rycan Retaining and Earthworks and speak with an experienced professional.